Instructions for Rebuilding Carburetors
on a Polaris Watercraft


You may download a PDF copy of these instructions by
right clicking this link polarcarbs.pdf and
choose “Save Target as” on you PC.

polarcarbs-1(1) These are the tools needed for the carb rebuild.
You will also need a Service Manual and pop-off pressure gauge tester.


(2) Tap the (in) fitting 5MM X .8.
The fuel in-line will be plugged with a 5 X .8 allen head bolt using lock-tite on the threads.


polarcarbs-4(3) Remove fuel rail plate and or clean fuel filters.
Inspect orings and re-place if needed.

polarcarbs-5(4) Re-install the fuel rail plate, loosely and use the flame arrestor base to align the carbs. Tighten the fuel rail screws.

polarcarbs-6 (5) Install the new fuel lines and make 20” tails to be cut to fit later.
The fuel line (in) is now fed between the carbs instead of the PTO carb #3 for even delivery.

polarcarbs-7 (6) After the carb bodies are clean, test the pop-off pressure as shown. Pump pressure, close the return and other input. The nee-dle will pop open, read the pressure gauge. You can use water on the needle to help you see it pop, if there is a leak. The differ-ence should be no more than 1 pound.eo.

polarcarbs-8 (7) Remove the check valve and lap the plate on 400 wet dry paper. Re-install check valve..

polarcarbs-9 (8) Dry carbs when you are done with pressurizing the airflow. Spray the inside with W-D 40, Carbs should look like this be-fore reassembling.

polarcarbs-10(9) Replace original fuel pump with a dual output pump.

polarcarbs-11When cleaning the carbs, do not dip them, use spray cleaner, only. Dipping them will damage the shaft seals.