Mikuni Tool Kit
All the tools you need to jet, disassemble and rebuild your Mikuni Carb
Tool Kit Part Number 53-9989
Mikuni Super BN Manual Part Number 53-999

Carburetor Adjusting Tool
The carburetor adjusting tool has an angled head to easily access often hard to reach carb adjustment screws.
Carb Screw Adjusting Tool Part Number 53-9994

Quick Release Piston Ring Compressor
Fits pistons from 54mm thru 127mm Part Number LS19000
Piston Ring Installer Part Number LS33500
Piston Ring Remover Part Number 59-0252

R&D Racing SeaDoo Supercharger Rebuild Kit
The supercharger rebuild kit includes a holder, bearing puller installation tool, drive
gear tool and clutch drive / lock washer tool.
Sea Doo 185 Horsepower Tool Kit Part Number 613-96001
Sea Doo 215 Horsepower Tool Kit Part Number 613-96002

Riva Racing Sea Doo Supercharger Shaft Tool
The Riva heat-treated tool grade steel supercharger shaft tool makes servicing the SeaDoo
Supercharger a snap. Part Number RS1750-ISH-949

Hose Pincher
For hoses up to 3/4 inch the clamp type hose pincher
completely seals every time with offset jaws to reach hard to reach areas.
Part Number LS2300

Hose Removal Pliers
Handles stubbornly stuck hoses from 5/32 inch to 1/2 inch. Part Number LS47900

Flywheel Pullers
Sea Doo 800 Flywheel Puller 38mmx1.5 Part Number DS#57
Sea Doo 951 Flywheel Puller 38mmx1.5 Part Number DS#57

Kawasaki 900 Flywheel Puller 35mmx1.5 Part Number DS#29
Kawasaki 900 Flywheel Puller 35mmx1.5 Part Number DS#29

Magneto Flywheel Pullers
Yamaha Magneto Flywheel Puller 500, 650 and pre 1994 701 DS#26
Yamaha Magneto Flywheel Puller 701, 760, 800, 1100 & 1200 DS#40

Kawasaki Magneto Flywheel Puller 300, 440, 550, 650 DS#40
Kawasaki Magneto Flywheel Puller 750 DS#36

Timing Degree Wheel Part Number 08-0092

Impeller Holding Tool
Sea Doo 18mm Spline Impeller Tool 580, 650,720, 800, 951 Part Number DS#23
Sea Doo GTX Supercharged Impeller Tool Part Number DS#70
Sea Doo RXP Impeller Tool Part Number DS#71

Polaris 20mm Impeller Tool all models Part Number DS#38

Yamaha 16mm Spline Impeller Tool WR 500, WJ650LX Part Number DS#27
Yamaha 18mm Spline 650, 701, 760, 1100 & 1200 Part Number DS#32
Yamaha 20mm Spline Impeller Tool GP1200R Part Number DS#56

Kawasaki 16mm Spline Impeller Tool 440, 500-1989 Part Number DS#24
Kawasaki 18mm Spline Impeller Tool 650, 750, 900, 1100 Part Number DS#23

Cable Lubber Part Number 59-0250

Hydro-Turf Oil Extractor
Vacuum Pump with a 6 liter Capacity and pour spout for easy empting
Part Number Oil01

Telescoping Mirror
2 1/4″ mirror extends from 10 to 14 inches. A handy tool to help look for those lost bolts that always seem to fall in the most inaccessible place imaginable. Part Number LS32050

Torx Socket Set – Sea Doo Part Number LS26750

Rule Flat Tank Electric Oil Extractor
Easily change the oil in your 4 stroke personal watercraft with the Rule Electric Oil Extraction Pump.
Part Number 17860-0012